Market Madness


The Third Street South Farmers Market happens every Saturday from 7:30am to 11:30pm year round. The street was packed and there was also an art show at nearby Fifth Avenue, but we were surprisingly able to find parking pretty quickly. There are so many great vendors at the market with something for everyone. We love the Kronuts, but they didn’t have the coconut flavor that we dream about. At least not by the time we got there. How good does the Paella look!? I tried it first in South American and it is pretty yummy here too. I heard about Black Tulip Coffee online and couldn’t wait to try this organic coffee roasted in Naples. It did not disappoint. It is some real cawfee that got me through a busy day of retail. Another thing I could not wait to try was an acai bowl from The Bowl. There were two different kinds, but I tried the cacao bowl. It was worth the long wait and I will probably make this a weekly tradition. As you can see in my pics, there are plenty of things to keep anyone entertained at this market.

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