Justin and I have been paddling a lot more lately. My friend and I tagged along on one of his 4 hours tours over the weekend. It was so much fun and the time flew by. I finally tried a headstand on the board and got it! I had never seen dolphins in previous paddle trips with him so I was super excited when a fin popped out of the water. He told me it wasn’t a fin, but just a branch…well whatever it was kept moving at me and I soon realized a HUGE shark was headed for my board. Thankfully, it swam under me and away, but that was the last thing I ever wanted to see. I did finally see two dolphins later in the day. We also paddled for a friend’s birthday recently. We set up a hammock and had so much fun finding shells on this cute little beach. Justin’s tours are in high demand lately, but you should definitely contact him and try to set up a tour. And don’t worry, you probably won’t see any sharks…that’s just my luck. Paddleboarding is easy to learn and one of my favorite exercises! Justin is so easygoing, patient, and encouraging. You can find information on his tours by clicking here.

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