Gogh To The Van Gogh Exhibit.

Do you see Abe or the lady?

My mom and I went to Van Gogh Alive Exhibit at the Dali museum. I thought it was the coolest thing ever when I watched Emily in Paris and was so excited to learn it had made it to St. Pete. There were a few rooms with Van Gogh quotes and paintings projected on the walls and floor. I remember seeing some of Van Gogh’s work at Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Favorite obvi included Starry Night and some pretty flower paintings, but I really liked his windmills. With the classical music and dark, artsy atmosphere, it really felt like it would be the perfect location for a dance company performance. If only…

We also took a stroll through the Dali portion of the museum. He was an interesting guy. One of the nice museum employees showed us a sunglasses trick with one of the paintings. At first glance, it looks like a naked lady, but in the reflection from the front of my sunglasses, it looks like Abe Lincoln. Cray.

Museum food is usually legit so we had lunch at the cafe there. Their cauliflower bisque and grilled cheese sounded badass, but everyone else thought so too and it was sold out. Fortunately, the chicken salad panini was awesome. After, we went outside to the cute little garden area with a tree meant for wishes, a sunflower mustache, and some cool dance art. The exhibit will be here until April. You can buy tickets online. Get them early, because time slots sell out. Have fun and #savethearts : )

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