I have officially been MIA for a very long time. Oops. I have been busy rehearsing and performing in Virginia and will return to the gulf in the new year. Recently, I took a trip to Winston-Salem, North Carolina with two of my castmates. One of them lives there and her family was so sweet to invite us to stay with them. We are all very similar which means we took a billion dance pics ; ] We packed so many fun things into our 4 days off including a trip to the original Krispy Kreme and a hike up (and down…ugh) Pilot Mountain to burn it off. I honestly think hiking may be my new fav activity. El talked us into taking the “strenuous” trail and I couldn’t believe how difficult it was. It was a good challenge though and I felt accomplished after. We also had some really yummy food while we were there and had fun practicing our model walks during the VS Fashion Show. I love my girls.

239 Visit


I made a 10 day pit stop in Naples once my contract ended on the ship. It was sad to leave and weird to readjust to the “real world.” It was actually the perfect time to disembark since a hurricane was hitting and actually ended up damaging many of our favorite places in Freeport : [ Our ship actually had to find a different part of the bahamas to go to. So sad. The day I arrived in Naples, J’s parents took us to see my very first Cirque show, Ovo. Having worked with a Cirque performer on the ship, it was so interesting to see. I loved it and honestly, it makes me want to learn something new and exciting like aerial. I was able to see a ton of friends on this trip and many of them live in the same neighborhood now. Another highlight was driving to St. Pete for the Sum 41/Senses Fail comeback tour. I would so live in that area. It was all cute boutiques, coffee shops, and bars. The show was sold out and in a smaller venue, but we were very close to the front. So close that I got their guitar pick! Going to shows is one of my favorite things to do and although I prefer when bands play their older hits, I enjoyed the new stuff too. How cute is that surf coffee table?! J’s friend made it for him for the new place. I added some coasters from Francesca’s and succulents from Target ❤ Before I left, we got some paddleboarding in and were able to visit my aunt before I headed back to CLE.

West Palm Graffiti Tour


I have always appreciated street art. Last year, I spent a day in Chicago photographing “Mile  of Murals,” so I was way too excited to see that West Palm is covered in murals as well. My ship cast had a blast exploring the city this way. We even met some cool people this way, like one of the Miami Heat choreographers, who recognized we were dancers and came over to chat. If I had to pick a fav, I would pick the skull (of course) or the mermaid.

Final Countdown.

We’ve changed opening number costumes a few times this contract and I can’t complain. We feel like legit showgirls now. I’ve been enjoying my last few weeks on the east coast. It has been kind’ve rainy with the whole hurricane thing, but we have still been hitting up our favorite spots. I’m sad that I’m starting to feel like a local as I’m about to peace out. This is all going to feel like a dream when I’m back home. J came to visit this past weekend and took me to the beach in Jupiter for the first time. It is so much less touristy and crowded there. We went to this place called Crux for coffee and Another Broken Egg Cafe where I got a massive sweet potato pancake #foodporn. 3 more weeks until my next chapter including travel, bf and family time, Sum41/Senses Fail concert and a cirque show before I run off to do a Christmas show 🙂

Beach Bums

We have been celebrating birthdays all weekend. It started with a Bahamas beach day with awesome Mexican food and drinks followed by more fun in the martini lounge on the ship. The next day, we all went to a beach we hadn’t been to before for a picnic. We swam and floated the day away. Discover the Palm Beaches was filming clips for their website’s tourism videos for each beach. They got footage of us playing volleyball and splashing around. It was a good weekend. 

Coffee Time

Today we decided to change it up and go to Field of Greens thinking it would just be salads or something. No! They legit have the best menu ever. We got some acai bowls, but next time the avocado grilled cheese has my name all over it. This girl walked up to me and asked if I went to a certain NYC college and I instantly recognized her. It is a super small world and she now lives in Florida too. Crazy. 

We seriously made the rounds with coffee today. Subculture and C Street never get old. I am highly caffeinated and happy. 

Taino Beach Day

We recently went to this peaceful paradise. The Taino Beach Resort has the most gorgeous pool, with little caves, hammocks, waterslide, and a seemingly endless pool. It was a nice change from the beach we go to since there weren’t many people. We had so much fun swimming and even had yummy piña coladas. We took a bus there and then a ferry back to the main shopping area where we caught a bus back to port. 

Crazy Busy 

We just had an intense amount of rehearsing to change up our shows. The light at the end was another visit with Justin. Our producer and choreographer came to see our shows the same weekend and it was a really fun time. Our producer took us out for a special dinner in the nice restaurant on the ship. The food was unreal. Justin and I also had brunch that weekend at City Cellar, where I finally tried the donuts. OMG! We saw Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and Secret Life of Pets. I loved both movies! 2016 has been a good year for movies. We went to the beach in the Bahamas for a hot minute, but we always have more fun in FL 🙂 

I donut have much to say 

Don’t have too much of an update. This past week has been pretty busy and we are all running on major caffeine. Our choreographer decided to change things in almost every number so we had a few rehearsals. I really like the changes and can’t wait until I don’t have to think about them. It’s probably a good thing to shake up my routine. Today, J came to visit for a bit on his way to kiteboard with friends. I gave up desserts for a week so I decided to have a yummy donut today. 


J brought the pups to West Palm for a day of brunching and beaching. We had big ol lattes while lots of people came over to pet the fluffy puppies. Then we went to a dog brunch at Southern Railway Tap. They even had a dog menu! It was a cute idea, but there was only one other dog when we went. After that, we went to the dog beach and let them run wild. Of course, big puppy stole another dog’s ball and ran around like a crazy person the entire time. Before he left we got a smoothie at my new fav juice place, The Bee. I really like it on this coast.