239 Visit


I made a 10 day pit stop in Naples once my contract ended on the ship. It was sad to leave and weird to readjust to the “real world.” It was actually the perfect time to disembark since a hurricane was hitting and actually ended up damaging many of our favorite places in Freeport : [ Our ship actually had to find a different part of the bahamas to go to. So sad. The day I arrived in Naples, J’s parents took us to see my very first Cirque show, Ovo. Having worked with a Cirque performer on the ship, it was so interesting to see. I loved it and honestly, it makes me want to learn something new and exciting like aerial. I was able to see a ton of friends on this trip and many of them live in the same neighborhood now. Another highlight was driving to St. Pete for the Sum 41/Senses Fail comeback tour. I would so live in that area. It was all cute boutiques, coffee shops, and bars. The show was sold out and in a smaller venue, but we were very close to the front. So close that I got their guitar pick! Going to shows is one of my favorite things to do and although I prefer when bands play their older hits, I enjoyed the new stuff too. How cute is that surf coffee table?! J’s friend made it for him for the new place. I added some coasters from Francesca’s and succulents from Target ❤ Before I left, we got some paddleboarding in and were able to visit my aunt before I headed back to CLE.

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