A Few of My Fav Things

I’ve been a fan of Tone It Up since the show Toned Up aired on Bravo. When their book came out, I knew I had to put it on my Christmas list. I can’t wait to try their 28 day program to increased health and happiness. 
I got a NutriBullet for my birthday last year and used it so much that I broke it. My parents found me a new and improved one at Costco. Going to incorporate it into my Tone It Up plan. 
I fell in love with these Molly Hatch mugs at Anthropolgie and love this one my mom picked out for me. 
I had not been to Lush in years and recently spent a looooong time in there. I’ve seen so many neat bath bomb pictures and can’t wait to try mine. Apparently they tie dye your water! Sorry the picture is a little out of focus, but that ocean salt scrub is awesome! It is infused with vodka and also contains avocado butter. 
This is the only place I could find decent lighting haha. This is my absolute favorite new Lilly Pulitzer dress. I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be a beach cover up, but I’m going to wear it as a dress with cute wedges or sandals. The Kendra Scott jewels Justin got me will go perfectly. 
I’m not sure where Justin found this, but he definitely knows what I like. If you know me, you know that I collect mushroom things, particularly vintage kitchen items (strange, I know). I’ll post more about that later…
This adorable Ohio tumbler from Bed Bath & Beyond is a sweet reminder of where I came from. 
When I was little I had this alphabet book that had some unique animals in it like Quetzal and Narwhal. I had to surprise my mom with this Anthropologie mug as a joke, but it’s so cute! They are the unicorns of the sea, you know… My Chicago roomie got me amazing coffee from Eataly and I think the best coffee creamer is without a doubt Baileys so my mom threw some in my stocking. 


Santa was good to me this holiday season. I think I could get used to this not so white Christmas.

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