So this is the new year.


Dress: Jessica Simpson | Lipstick: Mac Red

The night before NYE, I went to Gumbo Limbo at the Ritz with my fam. They said the wait would be 1.5 hours for dinner. What!? It cleared out fast when the sun went down though and we were called about 30 minutes later, after a quick beach walk. They have really great salads so I got one with shrimp. And of course, a pina colada. You absolutely must try their pina coladas.  Yum!

Justin and I went out on Fifth last night and had a blast hanging out with friends. We started at The Wine Loft and ended at Paddy’s, where we danced our butts off. Please forgive the blurry phone pics, we didn’t have a chance to get a good one before we left. Happy New Year, Everyone! I could list a billion resolutions I have made for the future, but instead I will share something cool we do where I work. We pick a word that we are to focus on in the upcoming year. I chose hope for 2016. It is important to always have hope and I am hopeful about a few big things this year. What word will you choose?

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