Everglades Wonder Gardens


A few months ago, I worked an event at Everglades Wonder Gardens in Bonita. I got to hold a really really expensive macaw and walk around dressed like a garden fairy. Good times. I recently went back with my parents to check it out for real. It all started in the 30’s, but was shut down for a hot minute and they are working on improving it now that it was saved. This time, I got to feed the alligators and turtles and really explore.  The birds are so stinkin’ adorable and polite. They say hello and goodbye! My favorite animal was probably the cute little crocodilly chilling in the head of an alligator that used to live there. They also have a nice gift shop and museum filled with history. After, we went to The Fish House for some coconut shrimp, key lime pie, and sweet potato fries that are basically the size of whole potatoes.


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