Show Time

The former cast left today and it is now our time to shine. I’m sad my friend Kel is gone, but we get to work together yet again this winter. During the rehearsal period, we had a lot of free time at night. We took a lot of random pictures and were able to get dinner often in one of the restaurants. Once the show opens, we will be performing from 7 to about 10 every night and we dance at the retro party on West Palm nights. Everyone gets along and we all have mutual friends in the industry. The food on the ship rocks in my opinion. There are a lot of vegetarian options (I’m not one, but I love me some veggies). I use the nice gym every day to warm up and it is usually pretty empty since most people are out on excursions or getting food as our cruises are super short. Going out on the ship is nice too. There are pages and pages of fancy drinks. I’m not a big drinker, but the lychee martini is the Once the show opens and we have a routine we will have days free to explore Florida and the Bahamas. I plan to get in a lot of reading, blogging and beach time. Justin gets to visit soon too so I’m really looking forward to time with him. There are two shows that we perform. One is more showgirl and one is a throwback to different decades and major pop artists. The rehearsal process flew by and was all done on the ship which is new to me, but I liked it better than staying somewhere else first. We open our first show tonight! Wish us luck xo

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