Nanner Boating 

You guys… Banana boating is crazier than white water rafting. Ours was definitely unbalanced from the start and we slowly began tipping over as our boat driver went crazy fast. All of a sudden, we flew off and into the water. Some people weren’t able to get back on the banana and rode in the boat so we didn’t have a problem after that. We were taken to the area where dolphin tours are given, and near multimillion dollar mansions, one of which was used in a Tyler Perry movie. We also stopped at this tiny little beach to take some pics. In this particular area, there are beautiful starfish unlike anything I’ve seen before. The water is so clear here that it cool things are easy to spot. Hopefully sharks weren’t too close by :o. On the way back, half of the boat fell off again, but not my side! I was so determined haha We tried to be present and not lose our phones to the ocean so this is an experience I will always remember and not just through pictures.

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