Arts Naples Event


They ordered us some super yummy food. 
The fab Eileen Grace.


My neighbor owns an event company and I worked at some parties for her last year. She had some dance events coming up and wanted to see how I move before she booked me. I stopped by rehearsal for an upcoming show and walked into the room to find Eileen Grace. EILEEN GRACE! She ran the Rockette Summer Intensive back when I started a decade ago. She gave me my scholarship to the program and asked me to assist one year. Turns out she has been friends with my neighbor for years and was finally able to come to Florida to choreograph for her. What a small small world. I had so much fun learning two dances that day and was asked to perform in the event for Arts Naples the following night at Naples Grande Beach Resort. The costumes are so glam, right!? After our performance, we taught some choreography to the party goers and had a blast dancing with them for a song. What a fun night!

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