Think Pink



Dress: Lilly Pulitzer | Shoes: Enzo Angiolini (not available) | Necklace: Charlotte Russe/ABPR (not available)

Today was supposed to be cold so my friend and I dressed warmly for brunch and a beach walk. Well…it ended up being really nice and we were the only ones bundled up on a beach of bikini clad peeps. Oh well! For cooler days, this Lilly Pulitzer Roslyn Tunic which I received as a Christmas gift will be perfect. I fell in love with it when I saw my coworker in the navy one. All of us have the same dresses and I’m just waiting for the day when we all wear the same one! It can be dressed up or down and the pink color is a real standout. I wanted to experiment with this necklace that I got from my fashion internship at Alison Brod Public Relations years ago. At the time, they were working with Charlotte Russe and I’m pretty sure this was from that collection. The shoes are these cray silver and gold platform wedges that I wore in Miami once and that’s it. I think they are ready to make a comeback. I had to throw in the last pic since I’m loving how everything is coming together in this room. We just added the pictures and cute birdies today.

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