Birthday Week


Justin’s friend


I spent the entire day with Justin yesterday celebrating my (our) birthday. He told me he had a surprise at night, but we could do anything I wanted during the day. This dress that I got at the b store at Venetian the other day was the perfect choice since it works for both day and night. One of my besties sent me a beautiful necklace that goes really well with this look and the shoes are from Target. We started at my favorite brunch place, Jane’s. I tried something new and ate the entire thing. How incredible does my waffle look?! Tasted even better. Then we got some Bad Ass coffee and headed to the pier. We spotted his friend and took sneaky pics of him paddle surfing. The weather was so perfect and a welcome change since it was pretty gray and miserable all week. Next up was Bayfront, where I tried my first ever Moscow Mule. We hung out at the Tavern for a while and met up with one of his friends. I guessed what the surprise was before we got there. I kind of had a feeling since we had talked about going to this place before and he kept giving hints away without realizing it haha. He took me to Off The Hook which is a comedy club here in Naples. They have a restaurant called The Row so we had a yummy din before the show. So yummy I ate it all before Justin could have a bite. Oops! I wasn’t able to get pics, but the food rocked and the comedian, Eddie Ifft was funny. Pretty sure he pissed off a few people, but he made us laugh. We were in the front and I was worried we would get picked on, but that was luckily not the case. At the end of the night we met his friends for some mini golf. We got caught in the rain and lost the game, but it was overall an awesome day. Thank you Love Bug!

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