Go Fly A Kite

My boyfriend is supportive and watches me dance around constantly. He also flew to my opening night of The Merry Widow in Chi Town last November. A lot of his hobbies freak me out since they are all potentially dangerous, but I’m learning to embrace his daredevil ways just a tiny bit and watched him kiteboard for the first time this weekend. It was freezing and super windy (just ignore me people up North) even though I was bundled up. His friends even bailed on him, but some other cool people showed up eventually. I enjoyed seeing my babe in his element. I can see how it would be pretty exhilarating and probably similar to the feeling I get when I perform so I’m happy it makes him happy. I still worry for his life though! haha He was out there for a few hours and then we took a coffee break before he went out one more time. I needed that, because my bones were frozen. FROZEN. It was pretty dark outside too and I’m still getting the hang of taking action shots, but here are the better ones.


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