Famous Friends


Last weekend ,the 42nd Street tour finished up their shows here in SWFL and I was so fortunate to catch their final performance. It was especially exciting for me to see the show since my cruise ship sister, Sarah is in it! She shined so brightly in her role. I knew she was a great tapper, but damn! She definitely stood out in the best way possible. Two of my other dancin’ friends, Lamont (whom I met at Busch Gardens) and Natalia (one of my college bff’s bff’s) also stole the show. These three were the true stars and I’m not just saying that because I know them. Such talent. The story is good, but the best part is the dancing. And those costumes! The only thing I disliked was the amount of rude people in the audience. Out of respect for the performers, be in your seat at the start of the show. It’s inconsiderate to come in and make everyone stand up for you and your huge group in the middle of a number in the middle of Act One. Other than that, Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall was nice and they had yummy pre-show food and drinks for sale : ] The tour runs across the country through mid-summer so there is plenty of time to see them.

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