Closing Time


I had the absolute best experience performing in The Boy From Oz at Theatrezone. The end of a contract is always sad as the cast becomes like family. Even with this short contract I felt like I had known everyone for much longer by the end. I don’t think many people know this, but it was my first musical ever. I loved every second of it and hope to get some voice lessons soon. One of the highlights of this experience was when Paul Phillips, Judy Garland’s stage manger from when she performed at the Palace in NYC, came to see the show. He spoke to us about his time with her and said she was wonderful to work with and a natural onstage. I’ve learned a lot about past movie stars and music history in my college classes, but it was so cool to hear stories from someone who lived it and knew Judy. The cherry on top of a fun last weekend, was seeing myself and our awesome cast in the newspaper. If you’re in the area, be sure to check out Theatrezone since there are 2 more fab shows happening this season.

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