I apologize for being a bad little blogger. I went on a last minute trip to NYC this past week.  Within 10 minutes of getting out of the cab, I ran into my cruise roomie whom I had just seen perform in 42nd Street in Fort Myers. I’m pretty sure I saw about 50 of my NYC friends and it was amazing. I did some auditioning (for things I was all wrong for). At one of them, they took our headshots and announced the people they wanted to stay. At least I wasn’t cut based on my dancing. A few of my Naples/Theatrezone friends were at an audition with me so we had a fun time waiting together. I took a couple of classes at Steps (home). Of course I went to Deb’s! Her mom lives in FL and dances with one of my coworkers. I love how everyone has a Naples connection. Felicia was in class with me and we got some yummy Juice Gen after to catch up. That class gives me life. And Kinney’s theatre class? OMG. It was my first time taking that one. He taught us choreo from Sweet Charity and the girl starring in Chicago on Broadway right now was in class too. I feel so much stronger than I did last year. I really do think cross training works wonders. I used to only take tons of dance and wondered why I wasn’t getting stronger. Well… barre, cardio, fitness vids, etc. are where it’s at.

I was able to stay with one of my best friends who was my neighbor in OH and also lived in Naples and went to school in NYC. She and her roomie always make me feel at home. We binge watched season 4 of Girls and the new episode so I am officially caught up! Emily, my friend who visited me in Naples last year, came in from Long Island for dinner at The Meatball Shop (always a fav). One of the highlights of my trip was getting some Magnolia with Megan before my flight back to FL. We used to do this after every single Rockette audition and I’ve missed her so much. I saw her sister perform in Bullets Over Broadway recently. Such a talented family. I love having a friend who shares my values: dancing and dessert. I also saw LYDIA AND CLAY!!! We worked together at Busch Gardens and haven’t been reunited since my birthday in Jan 2015. BG has given me amazing memories and lifelong friends. Despite some pretty uneventful auditions, I had one of my best NYC trips ever. Dance, food, and friends make the city wonderful for me. It is a relief to be back in the sunshine, but I’m counting the weeks until I can go again.

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