J brought the pups to West Palm for a day of brunching and beaching. We had big ol lattes while lots of people came over to pet the fluffy puppies. Then we went to a dog brunch at Southern Railway Tap. They even had a dog menu! It was a cute idea, but there was only one other dog when we went. After that, we went to the dog beach and let them run wild. Of course, big puppy stole another dog’s ball and ran around like a crazy person the entire time. Before he left we got a smoothie at my new fav juice place, The Bee. I really like it on this coast. 

Nanner Boating 

You guys… Banana boating is crazier than white water rafting. Ours was definitely unbalanced from the start and we slowly began tipping over as our boat driver went crazy fast. All of a sudden, we flew off and into the water. Some people weren’t able to get back on the banana and rode in the boat so we didn’t have a problem after that. We were taken to the area where dolphin tours are given, and near multimillion dollar mansions, one of which was used in a Tyler Perry movie. We also stopped at this tiny little beach to take some pics. In this particular area, there are beautiful starfish unlike anything I’ve seen before. The water is so clear here that it cool things are easy to spot. Hopefully sharks weren’t too close by :o. On the way back, half of the boat fell off again, but not my side! I was so determined haha We tried to be present and not lose our phones to the ocean so this is an experience I will always remember and not just through pictures.

Fun in FL

My dad came to visit this past week and we had fun exploring West Palm. We got coffee and then lunch at ER Bradley’s. On the way to the restaurant I was interviewed by a news channel about the horrible Orlando shooting. I don’t even know what I said or if they’ll use it. Still pretty horrified by it all. After lunch, we walked along the water looking for manatees and then drove to Worth Avenue. We ended the day at a great, but pricey juice place near The Breakers. I was sick so ginger and turmeric were totally necessary. Missing my dad and hope his Father’s Day is fun. 

Olivia’s 21st! 

Olivia turned 21! We began celebrating last night and then had the best brunch at City Cellar this morning ….with an unbelievable amount of coffee. I think it’s a weekend she will never forget….or won’t remember. Either way, it was fun! 

Tropical Storm

The weather is pretty lame lately. I feel for the people paying to cruise to the Bahamas at the moment. A lot of us are getting colds now too which explains the pricey but amazing ginger/turmeric juice from Whole Foods. 


We had such a great time on Clematis the other day at a cute coffee shop called Subculture and then at Haute Yoga for our new friend’s yoga class for her certification. She was great! I always feel awesome after hot yoga and it was a great warmup for our rehearsal later on followed by two shows. I will definitely be going back to the coffee shop too. I’ve missed REAL coffee haha 


Yesterday, Tif and I walked to the marketplace near the ship since it wasn’t a great beach day. Every souvenir you can imagine is found here. I got a shirt I definitely didn’t need. Last night was pretty rocky on the ship. During one of our dances I swear we were sideways. I could not stop laughing. Hopefully this tropical storm goes away. 


On our last trip to the Bahamas, we got yummy coconuts to drink from and then had a hell of a time cutting them open to eat the meat. So worth it! When we got back to Florida today, we did a relaxing beach side yoga class taught by the talented girlfriend of our choreographer. I felt so tall after class and even more zen after a jump in the ocean. What a fun day.