Bahama Mama

We had a great little beach day in the Bahamas yesterday. I could swim in the ocean forever and never get sick of it. We went to our fav piña colada spot and then found a cute coffee shop (expensive) but it is a good place to get wifi and chill. The most beautiful beaches I’ve seen prior to this contract were in the Virgin Islands, but the Bahamas are giving them a run for their money. So blue! Pretty sure there are tons of sharks though. We are banana boating soon and I can’t wait! Before the shows last night we had a little impromptu photoshoot at the front of the ship. The outfit I’m wearing is from our “Vogue” number. 

The Best Day

I saw my boyfriend! Justin picked me up bright and early yesterday and we went straight to Palm Beach. We swam at the beach and explored Worth Ave. I stopped by the Palm Beach location of the store I work at to say hi to the owners which was fun. Theyhad all of the cute new Lilly’s in. We decided to have lunch in West Palm at Brother Jimmy’s at City place. I love the one in NYC so I’m glad they’re expanding to other cities. Best cornbread and pulled pork! City Place has most of my favorite stores and I found some cute things at H&M. We got some much needed Starbucks before we drove around looking at pretty houses. I could easily live on the east coast. I’m happy Justin isn’t too far away. He brought me some nice things for my room like a cute pic of us and a comforter. Can’t wait to see him again for his first cruise ever. 

Swimsuit: Maaji | Hat: Herschel Supply Co. 

Opening Night

Our first night of shows went really well! The audience was so much fun and we got compliments after. I think my favorite number is our zombie one haha We dance to a song from The Walking Dead followed by Thriller and I get to live out my zombie dreams. There were a few costume malfunctions among the cast, but other than that it was a fun, surreal blur. The second night was even more fun. It is a sassier show in my opinion. I choreographed a dance to “I Love Rock & Roll” about 15 years ago and now I’m dancing to it on here. Our entire cast and choreographer went out last night and had a blast. Today I get to see my love! Enjoy the pics. 

Show Time

The former cast left today and it is now our time to shine. I’m sad my friend Kel is gone, but we get to work together yet again this winter. During the rehearsal period, we had a lot of free time at night. We took a lot of random pictures and were able to get dinner often in one of the restaurants. Once the show opens, we will be performing from 7 to about 10 every night and we dance at the retro party on West Palm nights. Everyone gets along and we all have mutual friends in the industry. The food on the ship rocks in my opinion. There are a lot of vegetarian options (I’m not one, but I love me some veggies). I use the nice gym every day to warm up and it is usually pretty empty since most people are out on excursions or getting food as our cruises are super short. Going out on the ship is nice too. There are pages and pages of fancy drinks. I’m not a big drinker, but the lychee martini is the Once the show opens and we have a routine we will have days free to explore Florida and the Bahamas. I plan to get in a lot of reading, blogging and beach time. Justin gets to visit soon too so I’m really looking forward to time with him. There are two shows that we perform. One is more showgirl and one is a throwback to different decades and major pop artists. The rehearsal process flew by and was all done on the ship which is new to me, but I liked it better than staying somewhere else first. We open our first show tonight! Wish us luck xo

Cruise Life…Again

So….I’m temporarily away from the gulf and am spending the next four months dancing on the ocean. We are still in rehearsals and open the show on Monday! We are just between Florida and the Bahamas so it hasn’t been very rocky at all. Freeport is stunning! The water is unlike anything I’ve seen, but there are probably tons of sharks. Souvenir shopping is great and I got the cutest little wallet and basket. I can’t believe I’m back on a ship! It is totally different this time around. The cast is so nice and we do everything together. It’s great to be able to use my phone every other day. More updates to come when we open the show xx



Holy Ship!

I’m returning to ship life for the next 4.5 months! It has been 3 years since I’ve been on a cruise ship and I’m excited to explore a sunnier part of the world this time. I will try to post an update, but will probably be rehearsing a lot in the next 2 weeks. Talk soon xx13087731_10153414863275583_976187447942424234_n

Everglades Wonder Gardens


A few months ago, I worked an event at Everglades Wonder Gardens in Bonita. I got to hold a really really expensive macaw and walk around dressed like a garden fairy. Good times. I recently went back with my parents to check it out for real. It all started in the 30’s, but was shut down for a hot minute and they are working on improving it now that it was saved. This time, I got to feed the alligators and turtles and really explore.  The birds are so stinkin’ adorable and polite. They say hello and goodbye! My favorite animal was probably the cute little crocodilly chilling in the head of an alligator that used to live there. They also have a nice gift shop and museum filled with history. After, we went to The Fish House for some coconut shrimp, key lime pie, and sweet potato fries that are basically the size of whole potatoes.


Keys Trip



12993638_10153384771495583_7713548978855462014_n12961579_10153385303575583_1965929142741416792_n13001220_10153386777680583_8806608367396548722_nJustin and I took a super quick trip to the Keys since I had never been. We left at 4am and were in Marathon by 8am. We did a fun 3 hour paddle through these gorgeous (and creepy) mangroves. I saw baby sharks, a sting ray, and this HUGE spider that was surely going to kill me. I screamed and demanded we go back immediately. Then I found out that it was just a mangrove tree crab… Nice. After our paddle, we had some delish seafood and drinks at Sunset Grille before heading to the cable park so Justin could wakeboard. The entire time he was wakeboarding, the pups were swimming toward him. They cannot be away from him. It was pretty funny, but probably dangerous. Later, we drove across the super long bridge to Key West since I absolutely had to have a touristy picture by that thing that says you’re at the southernmost point of the country. I really hope to go back to Key West to stay in a cute bed and breakfast sometime. We had key lime pie on a stick and walked around a bit before heading back home. I had so much fun seeing where my love used to live.

Human Table


Recently, I booked a party at a private home where I was a living table. I had never even heard of this before moving to Florida. I had a blast inside of the table, which looked like part of my dress. I danced around and mingled with guests who just happened to be from the same place my family is from! The party was for a couple getting married the following day and I later found out that the bride and my cousin were friends in high school! My cousin knew a lot of people at the party and they ended up texting her some pics they took with me. SMALL WORLD. The party had a tropical theme and I got to sample some of the yummy food. I served rum punch and desserts on my table. I had such a great time and love the events company I work with, Pzazz Productions.



Justin and I have been paddling a lot more lately. My friend and I tagged along on one of his 4 hours tours over the weekend. It was so much fun and the time flew by. I finally tried a headstand on the board and got it! I had never seen dolphins in previous paddle trips with him so I was super excited when a fin popped out of the water. He told me it wasn’t a fin, but just a branch…well whatever it was kept moving at me and I soon realized a HUGE shark was headed for my board. Thankfully, it swam under me and away, but that was the last thing I ever wanted to see. I did finally see two dolphins later in the day. We also paddled for a friend’s birthday recently. We set up a hammock and had so much fun finding shells on this cute little beach. Justin’s tours are in high demand lately, but you should definitely contact him and try to set up a tour. And don’t worry, you probably won’t see any sharks…that’s just my luck. Paddleboarding is easy to learn and one of my favorite exercises! Justin is so easygoing, patient, and encouraging. You can find information on his tours by clicking here.