Olivia’s 21st! 

Olivia turned 21! We began celebrating last night and then had the best brunch at City Cellar this morning ….with an unbelievable amount of coffee. I think it’s a weekend she will never forget….or won’t remember. Either way, it was fun! 

Tropical Storm

The weather is pretty lame lately. I feel for the people paying to cruise to the Bahamas at the moment. A lot of us are getting colds now too which explains the pricey but amazing ginger/turmeric juice from Whole Foods. 


We had such a great time on Clematis the other day at a cute coffee shop called Subculture and then at Haute Yoga for our new friend’s yoga class for her certification. She was great! I always feel awesome after hot yoga and it was a great warmup for our rehearsal later on followed by two shows. I will definitely be going back to the coffee shop too. I’ve missed REAL coffee haha 


Yesterday, Tif and I walked to the marketplace near the ship since it wasn’t a great beach day. Every souvenir you can imagine is found here. I got a shirt I definitely didn’t need. Last night was pretty rocky on the ship. During one of our dances I swear we were sideways. I could not stop laughing. Hopefully this tropical storm goes away. 


On our last trip to the Bahamas, we got yummy coconuts to drink from and then had a hell of a time cutting them open to eat the meat. So worth it! When we got back to Florida today, we did a relaxing beach side yoga class taught by the talented girlfriend of our choreographer. I felt so tall after class and even more zen after a jump in the ocean. What a fun day. 

Bahama Mama

We had a great little beach day in the Bahamas yesterday. I could swim in the ocean forever and never get sick of it. We went to our fav piña colada spot and then found a cute coffee shop (expensive) but it is a good place to get wifi and chill. The most beautiful beaches I’ve seen prior to this contract were in the Virgin Islands, but the Bahamas are giving them a run for their money. So blue! Pretty sure there are tons of sharks though. We are banana boating soon and I can’t wait! Before the shows last night we had a little impromptu photoshoot at the front of the ship. The outfit I’m wearing is from our “Vogue” number.